Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Tintes Moisturizer

I've been lazy to make any new post - I know I need to blog more often.
But I'm back now, and I hope this will not be my last post before going Portugal. (I'm leaving next week!) Before anything else, I'm sorry that I barely have any photos to show! I have been really inactive, but I will try to change that!

So, I recently tried out a mask against blemishes since my skin causes many breakouts right now. It's really cheap, and it's a mask that dries in, and it feels really tight and kind of uncomfortable, like most other dry masks. It also has a really awful smell - like toothpaste. But aside from that, it actually works really effective! My skin felt shiny, looked healther and today (the day after) my skin has less pimples! I'm just sad that I didn't get to use my foundation brush as usual, for a smoother and more even way of applying the mask, so I had to do with my fingers. (Even got some in my eyebrow, and came too close to the eye-area!)

So my advise is, always use a special brush for applying masks, or just use your foundation brush, but rinse it off so there is NO foundation! A brush with foundation is full of bacteria, and might even cause more breakouts and have the negative effect if you use it on your face in a mask. So be all sure to rinse all foundation off! That was also the reason I choose to use my fingers instead. Even thought I washed my brush several times there were some leftover foundation, which made me not want to use it.

Use a mask for your skin every week as you like. It's more effective than your day-care, but it shouldn't be used everyday, as it will be strong and lose effect (Yes, your skin will be used to the mask if you use to often, and you will end up with no effect!)

Don't forget to always take all your hair away from your head, it will only be a bother. And keep away from your eye area!

Also, even though the mask was in a cute little bag when I bought it, I prefer to have my mask in containers. (Make sure they are clean and sanitized before use, if they weren't already empty!)
The reason I store them in containers like this, is so I can use them more than once. I have enough for about One and "a half" face. So the first time I would apply all over my face. Then I put in in the fridge, and use it again whenever I want to, but because there is not enough for my whole face I use it on the problem areas, which in this case is my T-zone.
(T-zone = forehead, nose and chin area) 

Also in my next post I will be reviewing this Cream Hair Remover from Veet. Looking forward already! This reason I'm not doing it now because... Well, honestly, my hairs are nok yet long enough..

Anyways, just showing you these cute, small ribbons I bought perfect for all kind of hairstyles!
And also my lipgloss that I bought!

Looking forward to see if it will give me soft legs!

Really gorgeous colour! And it makes my lips look way fuller! Goes great with my everyday makeup. Lipgloss is from GOSH. I'm only negative that the container is not all full when I bought it. 
 Colour "Tea Rose" number 03

What it looks like - the colour is even more gorgeous! It adds shine to your lips as well.

Before I leave, I'm just gonna show a really quick DIY tinted moisturizer which is really easy!
You just need your usual moisturizer, your favorite foundation (I'm using cream/mousse foundation, but you can use any kind!) and a foundation brush.

Use the back of your hand as a palette, and put foundation and moisturizer together.

Mix them together using your foundation brush. Sorry it looks so weird, I had just washed it and it was still wet when I took the picture.

Blend them so the mixture becomes even. My foundation is a little too dark for me, but mixing it with my white moisturizer it becomes lighter and it's less heavy on my skin, and gives a more naturel look.
 Now just take your brush with your new tinted moisterizer and apply whereever you want to on your face, whether it's the whole face or just specific areas you want covered. (Pores, pimples, redness, etc.) Foundation tend to dry out the skin, but this will moist your skin AND cover! So it's a win win, and it's not pricy, since most girls already have these products!

That's it for now, bye!

Finishing this post with a picture of myself wearing the DIY tinted moisturizer and my day-makeup.