Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello all!

Wondering where my 'transformation-post' are? I have been here at my blog, but I haven't posted anything for way too long.

The reason is I actually wanna wait untill I get my camera (for my birthday). Untill then, I have a few reviews I will put on, and then I will continue with the makeup-tutorials!
Also, I still need my belowed 88 pallette to create my looks, but that (plus an EOS lipbalm) is at my ex's house and I'm still waiting to have it back. I'm very sorry! 

I'm working on all the looks, and I've created each over and over again, to make it right! I might film tutorials too, depending how good my camera is and how well I am editing it (Screw you Windows 8, I really need movie maker!) 

I will make a review either tomorrow or the day after. Stay tuned! ♥