Saturday, March 9, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream Review

Hi everyone! 

I have super many upcoming reviews, and I feel like I keep getting more and more skincare and makeup (yesterday invested in 5 makeup products!) but I try my best! 

This is my personal review of my first Etude House product ever! I've heard so much good about Etude House. Etude House is a very popular southkorean makeup/skincare-brand known for making ulzzang-makeup and products for sensitive asian skin! Unfortunately my skin isn't "asian" (oh really?), but I'll give it a shot. 
The western BB creams are a lot darker than the asian ones because the 'beauty' in asia is pale skin, while here tan skin is more popular. I am naturelly dead-pale and that's why asian bb creams fit my skin more. 

I recieved my BB cream SO quickly, I barely waited 14 days, and shipping was free! Thought it was a little pricey, but so worthy, this came to me in my mailbox! (Blurred out my adress)

This is (long name, I know): Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream with SPF 50

Whitening & Anti-wrinkle, Anti-darkening, and long lasting and waterproof, plus SPF 50? Is this not too much to ask for? I LOVE IT!

Here's the BB Cream, it comes with an automatic sponge-applicator which I prefer using because it covers super well! You can take the sponge-applicator off if you want to. 

(On this picture I had already tried it on for reviewing purposes before taking a picture. The sponge was pure white and unused before of course!)

The sponge is SUPER SOFT. Like petting a bunny or hugging a teddybear! *___* 

Look how pale it is? 

Here I am naked-faced, wearing nothing but the BB Cream. The picture is slightly blurry, but you can tell that my skin becomes really dewy, naturelly shiny and super flawless! (Sorry that I don't have a 'before'-picture to show you just how big the effect really is!) By the way, sorry for looking tired, it's taken in the morning, I just can't bother to look awake and happy. (Ohoho, the morning uglyness) ~~ 

Super dewy skin, right? I love it sooo much! ~

So all in all, what I think:
I love how long it lasts! It lasts through the entire day even after going to gym and sweating! And when you apply, it actually does make my face feel super cool and fresh. 
Light feeling, heavy coverage!
I was so surprised by the coverage because western BB creams doesn't really cover, only gives a little "teint". I didn't need any concealer on my pimples and only very little on my dark circles, my skin became flawless! Super many good points to Etude for that! 

However, it does not have any whitening effect for me, because I am so pale, but it's not a big bother for me. I'm pale enough, and the colour matches perfectly! I was scared it wouldn't, because I had to buy it online. 
It's a little pricey, but also worth it! 
However, there's not a lot of product in the container. It's very light already, and there's barely any bb cream inside. It's already so small! *Sigh* 

I recommend this for all skin types really, old, sensitive, acne, anything, because it hits everything and benefits all skin types perfectly! 
It is now my favorite BB cream, it has so many benefits it's almost a skincare product! (Ok, maybe not hahaha ~)

Wanna have flawless skin like all the beautiful ulzzang girls? Go buy Etude House! 

It's all for now. Byebye!