Monday, December 17, 2012

2 x mask review


I have 2 mask reviews. Both positive and negative, yet they are from the same producer so it might not have anything to do with that. Anyways! Let's start out positive, right? ~

Trigger warning: If you are scared of ugly faces, please leave now! Hahah ~
First mask is: Rasberry pore cleansing mask by H&M

It works really well, I was acually surprised! And I am 100& going to buy this mask again.
If you suffer from big/obvious pores this is a great help. It cleared and brightened my pores and removed lots, it also made the redness around my nose- and cheek area disappear! This works amazing! ~
The smell too, is awesome. Smells like rasberry (kind of), and I literally just sat and smelled my own face for a whole 20 minutes. But of course this means that you're unable to use this mask if you're allergic to parfum.
The mask is quite cute with its pinkish colour too! ~ I ♥ this mask!

Thought it looks very cheap (well it IS very cheap - it's about 2-3 dollars only!)  it is super effective!

Applying the mask on wet skin, for 15-20 minutes (or when it's dry). This is when I could still smile! ~
Avoid eyearea (and brow-area. I have no excuse for this, I'm just really clumsy lol!)

Trigger warning: It's getting ugly now! Cracking everywhere, is this my future wrinkles?!

Scary face - dry mask. Unable to smile now. So you get stone-face, okay? Time to take the mask off with lukewarm water and see the finishing instant result! 

For this: I'm sorry that I don't have a "before"-picture, but look at how clean my skin is! You can barely tell I used to have huge and ugly pores! The redness around nose is gone as well, and my skin looks fresh, clean and nice. Super like!

My thoughts: 

                             Durabilty of product:

It has been almost a week and the result are as good as when I just took of the mask. Still no pores! Woohoo! ~ 


Now for the negative review. As said, this has nothing to do with the producer since it's the same producer. 

Reason I don't like this is, it's like fake and disgusting. I don't want to use it ever again. 
This doesn't nourish my skin as it says. Plus the products if full of SHIMMER. What the f...? No shimmer in my skincare-products please! So I only ended up with a fake promise of fresh skin - instead I had stupid glittery shimmer all over - impossible to get off! Ahh! ~ 

Also, the mask make me look sick - it's like I have reddish scars all over my face. 

This is my foundation-brush I used to apply my mask. Can you see the shimmer reflecting? And strange purple ugly colour too ~

OMG ~ look it's scar face! Oh wait, it's really just me with an ugly purple-red mask!

Not very satisfied! >_<

                             Durabilty of product: ☆ 

It's all for now. Bye! ~

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wash gel + foundation review


I'll make two reviews in this post, because they're quite short. 

1. First review - Manhattan Clearface Washgel 

I ran out of my beloved old washgel, and decided to try something new. This one compliments my skintype (combined, oily T-zone) and feels nice and actually refreshing on the skin. I feel really clean after using it! 
Also, it's cheap and there's lots of product. Yay!

~~~ ♥ ~~~ 

2. Review - Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation

(Sorry, this picture focused on the background, not the foundation!) 

This was the lightest colour (010 IVORY) and it's still a little dark for my skin. I wish they had lighter colours. 

But it stays on for lots of time, and has a semi-good coverage. And you don't feel it being heavy on your skin! 

This is the un-usual about it! I love that it's all foamy. Be careful, because it comes out in big amount and you only need a little! This is even too much for my face. 

Me wearing the foundation. As you can see it covers my flaws pretty good, thought I'd still need to conceal under my eyes. And you can slightly see it's too dark. 

What I didn't like about this foundation is that it has a way too orange'ish undertone, that makes my winter-white skin looks slightly bad tanned. No thank you! I suggest using this for going out in the dark. Stays on long, covers well, can't feel it on the skin. But not for everyday use. 

Well, that's it for this small post! 

Bye. ~

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update ~ Picture heavy

It's been some time since I last posted. This entry will be in english only, since it's quite long and picheavy. 

'Quick update':
Firstly, I had a panic attack and had to deal with some anxiety problems and went to doctors, eyedoctors and psychologists.
I went to the capital, Copenhagen, for an entire day with my best friend!
I've started running everyday
It's snowing! (Weeee ~)
I have lots of reviews coming up. I have 2 reviews in this week/next week and tons of reviews after christmas!

I'll just post a little from my personal life once again, and post the pictures from Copenhagen!

Oh, by the way, sorry for all the awkward smiles! I don't like to small with my teeth because of my brace, but I have a really ugly smile. Bear with me ♥
(Click the pictures to seem them large)

(Scary yellow eyes! My eyes hate flash!)

Really click this picture to enlarge! These guys were so Lady GaGa! Standing in a shop and being DJ's to attrack customers. Can you believe they are MEN!? So funny, and nice style!

Ugly hair, don't caaaareee  ~~

My bestie bought purple lenses! So cool, right? I think they are awesome, but didn't buy, because they didn't have brown or naturel colour. >_<

In the bus to Copenhagen. Took 3 long hours ==

Pretty bestie, with pretty hair and the most pretty nose-shape! It's so perfect!

Unhealthy MCdonalds ♥

Ahaha, sorry for this sneak-picture! But this girl had really awesome creepers(shoes)!

Giant rabbit! I swear it's 1M in real!

Socks bought ~~

Japanese Gyaru-girl! *_*

In the manga-store we found lots of these manga-figures!

We visited the carnival in the evening. They put up lots of lights and it's so beautiful!

Castle with thousands of lights!

Light-swans in front of the castle

Entry to the carnival.

And just some quick pictures that I wanted to show - nothing to do with the Copenhagen trip. But I did have an awesome day!

Forgot about 4 other Essie-nailpolishes. About 55 in total!

Aaaand, my monthly chinese food!

That's all for now!

Reviews upcoming:
- Founation
- Organic Lipgloss
- Masks

See you next time! ♥