Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update ~ Picture heavy

It's been some time since I last posted. This entry will be in english only, since it's quite long and picheavy. 

'Quick update':
Firstly, I had a panic attack and had to deal with some anxiety problems and went to doctors, eyedoctors and psychologists.
I went to the capital, Copenhagen, for an entire day with my best friend!
I've started running everyday
It's snowing! (Weeee ~)
I have lots of reviews coming up. I have 2 reviews in this week/next week and tons of reviews after christmas!

I'll just post a little from my personal life once again, and post the pictures from Copenhagen!

Oh, by the way, sorry for all the awkward smiles! I don't like to small with my teeth because of my brace, but I have a really ugly smile. Bear with me ♥
(Click the pictures to seem them large)

(Scary yellow eyes! My eyes hate flash!)

Really click this picture to enlarge! These guys were so Lady GaGa! Standing in a shop and being DJ's to attrack customers. Can you believe they are MEN!? So funny, and nice style!

Ugly hair, don't caaaareee  ~~

My bestie bought purple lenses! So cool, right? I think they are awesome, but didn't buy, because they didn't have brown or naturel colour. >_<

In the bus to Copenhagen. Took 3 long hours ==

Pretty bestie, with pretty hair and the most pretty nose-shape! It's so perfect!

Unhealthy MCdonalds ♥

Ahaha, sorry for this sneak-picture! But this girl had really awesome creepers(shoes)!

Giant rabbit! I swear it's 1M in real!

Socks bought ~~

Japanese Gyaru-girl! *_*

In the manga-store we found lots of these manga-figures!

We visited the carnival in the evening. They put up lots of lights and it's so beautiful!

Castle with thousands of lights!

Light-swans in front of the castle

Entry to the carnival.

And just some quick pictures that I wanted to show - nothing to do with the Copenhagen trip. But I did have an awesome day!

Forgot about 4 other Essie-nailpolishes. About 55 in total!

Aaaand, my monthly chinese food!

That's all for now!

Reviews upcoming:
- Founation
- Organic Lipgloss
- Masks

See you next time! ♥


Rindodo ♥ said...

hi, thanks for your comment on my blog^^ you look cute with that twin ponytail btw~

and for the circle lenses, yeah that could be dangerous for some people. Just to make sure, you can ask your trusted doctor about wearing it :)

and thanks for your compliment too, but I don't think that I'm famous though. hehehe...

take care~