Saturday, April 6, 2013

Makeup "Transformation"?


I got the idea of making a lot of differnet makeup looks/transformations. Not Promise Phan-like, but different  styles of makeup from around the world. I will be making these looks: 


Long lashes, naturel eyeshadows, high cheekbones and bright red lipstick! Possibly also a fake mole to complete the look. Pin-ups are sexy, funny and adorable at the same time, and their makeup is easy and fun to create! 


(Korean model Song Ah Ri)
Means "best face" in korean. It has become one of the most famous fashionstyles in South Korea. It's the babydoll concept of looking young, pure and cute. A lot of eyeliner, white eyeshadow underneath the eyes and "eyebags". Not to mention their sharp V-line faces (which means a sharp chin/a heartshaped face), naturel hair, and glowing and dewy skin. A new trend among ulzzangs too are "gradiant lips" as well. A cute look!


(Japanese POPTEEN-model Nana Suzuki)

First of all - gyaru's aren't meant to be doll, I know, that's not what they are going for, but with the big eyes and small face features it seems almost like it. Gyaru is a japanese fashionstyle, and the makeup consists of circle lenses, dramatic fake eyelashes, bottom eyelashes, brown or naturel eyeshadows, and lots of contouring is the key! While most gyaru's are slightly tanned compared to the ulzzangs. They also tend to look more grown-up than ulzzangs, and while ulzzang can be a very naturel makeuplooks, gyarus are meant to be dramatic and outstanding! Their hair is mostly blond/light, big and curly! 

"Indian Style" Makeup
I don't know if this belongs to any specific style, but I love the makeup that indian girls wear on special occasions! It's so colourful, bright and happy. There's mostly focus on the eyes, and less or none on lips/eyebrows/facial feautres. Their skin is kept naturel-looking yet flawless, and their makeup often fits their clothes. Hair, face and body is often filled with different asian jewelry. 

What's more beauitful than a bride? (Althought the bride on this picture doesn't look to happy hahah). Bridal makeup of course varies depending on where in the world you live, but since I live in the western world I will try to recreate that look. Bridal looks too vary from person to person. Some want naturel makeup, some want something more dramatic, colorful, dark or what ever. But I will go for the naturel innocent bridal look. Making the beautiful features stand out, and hiding the biggest flaws. A naturel all over makeup is good for any to-be bridal. The hair is often put up in a bun or another beuaitufl and calm way. 

Another (maybe slightly frighetning?) definitely different makeup look by the japanese again! This is called "ganguro" and is another undegroud streetstyle by the japanese girls. Their hair is often pastel coloured or another crazy colour and tuned all up. Long false and very decorative nails. They either tan a  lot or use a foundation a lot darker than their actual skintone, and create white panda-like circles around the entire eyearea, along with eyeliner down under the eye. Some use circle lenses as well. Then they "obviously" highlight the nose with white liner, and their lips as well. They often use small decoartional thiings on their cheeks such as pearls or stickers and glue them on with false eyelash glue - don't even use real glue! It's a very different and kind of funny look! 

These are all the different makeup looks I will be working on the upcoming days (or possibly weeks, I am not sure, sorry!) I wil try to recreate the makeup and if possible, the hair and clothes as well.

If anyone has more to add or other suggestions for me feel free to message me or comment down below!

Bye from now, hugs ~ ♥ 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lancome Serum Review


Sorry for being so inactive for... almost a month? Sorry for being a suckish blogger, I promise to pull myself together! In april I will make more posts, I promise! 

Here is my review on my Lancome serum!

First of: Why use serum when you're so young?
I'm 17, so it will be quite some time before I see wrinkles (however fine lines can appear already in your 20'es), and serum is known to be something only for 'old women'. Well, it's not, and the younger you are trying to avoid the wrinkles, the longer they will keep away. If you start using antiwrinkle products when you already have wrinkles, you won't be fixing the "mistakes", you'll just prevent new wrinkles from coming. 
Serum is an amazing product, but you don't need to use a serum for 60+ skin. Ask your local makeup store what will match your skin best. 

Alright, now to the review. 
This is: Lancome Genifique Youth Activator
Price (in Denmark only - it may vary depending on where you live): 365DKK (I hope it's right, forgive me if not), which is about 62USD. 
So it is pricey for only 20ml, but you can buy a bigger bottle, 50ml for 500+DKK, which is 85USD.

Some 'explanation' on the back of the box.
 Serum should be applied morning and evening before bedtime. Rinse/cleanse your face and if you want to, use a toner before applying your serum. Do NOT apply your moisturiser before your serum! Serum first, then moisturiser. 

Sorry for the bad pictures, I don't know why the quality is so low ~
I think this serum is quite nice. It gives this fresh feeling on my face. It doesn't really have any smell, and the consistence is almost like water! 
You only need 1-2 drops for the entire face and it takes second for it to sink into your face! After using it for now, a couple of weeks, I feel my skin has not improved much - but it could be caused for bad eating, etc. too. I still use it, and I think I will repurchase it when I run out!

This review was super short, but I still hope you like it. I recommend for all ages to purchase a serum, ask your local makeup store what fits your better. Good luck, and I will return very soon!