Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EOS Lipbalm ~ Quick Review


Sorry that I've been really lazy! 

But I'm back now, I promise! 

I was actually thinking of doing a big winter-post, but I'll push it 'till next time I'm posting. 

Instead, this is my small review on the very famous EOS Lipbalm. 
I first saw the EOS Lipbalm when the makeup-guru Michelle Phan used it in one of her videos, and ever since I wanted it! It has lately come to Denmark, and today I finally bought it! 

I bought this cute and pink lipbalm, in 'strawberry sorbet'.
There's several colours and 'flavours' to choose from. Go check it out in the stores!
Positive things:
- Parabeen free! 
- Organic.
- Naturel ingridients.
- Cute colour.
- Nice design! 
- Moisturizers lips really well. 

Negative things 
- The smell is a little too strong.
- It's a bit pricey compare to how much product you get.

I know this post is really short, but be aware of a longer post next time! 

Bye for now! 

(Oh, and, Happy Halloween!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi gals and guys! 
Just another slightly beauty-related but personal post! I've used way too much money in this month. BUT! I have severel good news:
- I've lost weight. Infact, 2kgs (4lbs)!
- My skin is almost 100% clean
- I've bought a new and cute jacket
- I've got lenses! No more heavy glasses!
- I've finally found the perfect pink blush
- I've held my lovely vacation with all my friends and my boyfriend ♥ 
And the most happy one: 
I've recieved the shirt I ordered from Ebay! 

Starting from point one, I went to a lovely chinese restuarant. Again? Yes, again! Here's foodporn for you all! 

 (LOL an ugly fried shrimp, right? ~)

With all those unhealthy food I've eaten in this past month I do not understand how I lost weight. But I'm still happy about it! My weight is now 58,2kg. Really close to 57kg (127lbs)! I'll be crazily happy if I get it to 50kg(110lbs) ! 

My skin has cleared up too, but assume it's because I rarely have my bangs down because they're getting too long. Not that I'm complaining! It just means I get to use even less to cover my skin! 

I also got lenses! They're invisible! Put it takes both time and effort to put them in ~ and sometimes I just can't. My eyes are really small compares to the lens. Put the look and feeling of not having to wear big black specs is lovely! If you click the picture it'll be it's original size (sorry for untrimmed eyebrows, I've been lazy), and even like that the lens is barely visible! You can see the other ring a tiny bit. And no I'm not wearing makeup here - I wanna get comfortable with the lenses before applying makeup too. 

 Does this girl really wear lenses? Is she practically blind? No one can tell! Hahah ~

I went shopping as well, and got my first bubble tea ever! It was peach tea. Why did no one tell that bubble tea was so delicious sooner? This is my new favorite drink! I love it too much, and very addictive, so watch out! ~ ♥ 
 Oh no! It's gone too quickly! 

I know I look very tired without makeup. I'm sorry ~~ 

This blogpost is so random, since I've been doing a lot of stuff in this time! 
I've mastered (OK, maybe not..) to make a ballet-looking hairbun! With a little secret, hehehe ~ 
And sorry that it looks like I have no neck? 

And the lovely pink and ultra pigmented blush I bought! It's from a private brand, and a danish store, so I can't guarantie that it can be bought outside Scandinavia, maybe not even outside Denmark. It's from a very new brand caled coolcos. Their products are very colorful and pigmented. They offer nailpolishes and blush, eyeshadow, and other beauty!

 Perfect shade of pink ♥ 
 Handy mirror! Can be bend in all ways! (Almost - do not break it, silly!)

 Almost invisble because of the lightening. 

I became a member of their clubs (It's free and you get the latest news and products on your email). That means I got two FREE lipgloss'. They're adorable, and really lovely and there are so many to choose from! None of them has any colour, only scent. I choose coconut-scent and it's so good I want to lick it of my lips and taste it! The coconut-scent is the white one, the colourless one has no scent nor colour, but it's good for shine. You can also apply a lipstick and use this to make your lips appear bigger! 
 Consistence is a bit too thick though. 
 Smudged out - don't worry even thought the coconut-lipgloss is still slightly white here, it will be invisible on your lips, I promise!


I bought a shirt from Ebay, which originally is from Hera's store. I am the biggest fan of Hera and adore her to the fullest, so this is the happiest day ever! YAY! I bought the blue kitty shirt for about 20dollars. And I love it! ♥ All the way from Taiwan!

 It really did confuse me with the japanese and korean symbols (Can someone tell me what it means?). 
Other than that, these are the items in the package. A 'sorry'-gift, a small letter from the company and the shirt.
 They told me I'd recieve the package after 2 weeks only, but I waited 3 weeks. I got a cute little sorry gift! A Hello Kitty Bow - plug to put in my phone when I'm not listening to music. It's not white, but more pinkish in real. 
 The letter with info and a cute excuse. Awwww ~ ♥ 
 Other side of the letter. It was filled with pictures of korean ulzzangs/models and a comic! 

 Loving the images!

 Cute Hello Kitty bow! 

And for the most imporant: The shirt! 

 It's softer than my PJ's! 
Quality: Super!
Colour: Super!
My happiness: More than super!
(This picture is great quality, taken with an actual camera.) There are more pictures to come tomorrow, but I will blog later. Kisses from kitty, and I'm out! 

Bye for now! ~

Psssst. If you want to know where I got my shirt from, comment below or leave me an email at floralbb@hotmail.com! 

Hair Removal


So it's been some time since I've blogged. Basically I'm in a lot of hurry due to school, and it's gonna be vacation soon and I may not have time to blog at all, I'm going to see all my friends! 

Anyways, I quick post about hair removal. Something most girls do in todays modern society. We all have different reasons - but we also have different ways to do it! And different place to remove unwanted hair.
Most girls, start at about 12. But it varies! Some start at 10, some at 17 and some even never! 
Removing hair is common between girl and of course boys, but this one is going to focus on how girls get rid of hair - so if you're sensible, go away boys! 

You are never forced to remover your hair, and no one should decide where you should remove your hair either. If you don't want to shave your armpits because you feel it wrong or you harm yourself - don't. 
This post is a small guide on how to make it easier, and the different ways to remove hair and where to remove it. 

1. The classic - A razor, shavingcream and water. 
This is what most people do. Boys and girls. It's easy to get, easy to do, and it's not expensive. Only thing needed is a small razor and water. Many prefer to use it with shavergel to make it even easier. Do NEVER use a razor like this anywhere on your face! Your hair will grow out almost instantly and it will appear thicker (because you cut the ends of, but not the roots) and even more noticeable. And it's a pain and a shame to shave your face like a boy would every other day, right?

(Picture from here.)

2. The epilator. 
Can be used both dry and in water, so you can bring in with you in the shower! Now what exactly does this machine do? Let me answer that with another question. Do you pluck your brows? Then you probably use a tweezer to pull your hair out. This is the exact same concept. Lots of small, small tweezers quickly pulling out all the hair! The result last about 14 days, because you get the hair our by the roots! And no dry legs as you get with the normal razor. This one does not harm your legs - althought the first times your legs might be a little red, but it'll disappear in a few minutes. This can be used anywhere on your body, but I do NOT suggest your face nor your genitals. 

(Picture from here.)

3. Hair Removal Cream (My pictures)

Ok, here is my little secret. I remove the hair on my arms. Why? Because I want to, because I can, and because I prefer my arms without hair. I use the hair removal cream from Veet. The smell is very chemical, but it works! It basically removes the hair by etching the hair roots away. The result is longlasting too, depending on the effectivity. It feels cooling, and there is a lot of chemicals in this so I do not suggest it. I only use it fo my arms, and no where else on my body. Do NEVER use a hair removal cream on your genitals. You can use it for your face, it looks better and less fake than using the shaver, and the result will leave it naturel and longlasting. But you still have to be careful with all kind of strog chemicals! 

 (Sorry for the very unflattering toilet in the background!)
Leave the cream for at least 3 minutes and no more than 6 minutes. Remove with water. 

This is my arm after the treatment. No hair at all, and it's just more than amazingly soft! A bit red due to the parfume and chemicals but it usually disappears in a short time. 

4. Waxing - the painful one

This one is for the tough girl! But the result is the most longlasting after all - it last a month! 
Wax comes in two ways - cold and warm. Obviously warm wax is more painful - but I believe it's more powerful as well. You can get wax treatments at a cosmetologist, or do it at home. 
When doing it at home you need a lot of currage! You can wax your armpits (Auch!), your legs (hopefully less auch..) and between your eyebrows, on your "moustache" above the upperlip. If you want a brazillian wax (If you have not heard of it, please google it.) then I suggest you go to a professional.  
(Picture from here.)

Enjoy shaving, ladies! (And tough boys? You might wanna try different methods too! Hahah ~)

I'll go sleeping now. Goodnight!