Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Collagen Mask ~

Goodmorning! ~ ♥ 

Feeling tired? I know my skin is tired. After my holiday in Portugal my face got quite sunburned, also I haven't got a lot of sleep recently, so my skin is quite awful, as you can see. 

 I recieved a collagen mask (also known as paper mask) for my birthday and decieded to use it now as my skin needs some extra love! Collagen masks are higly popular in Asia, but it's actually my first time seeing a mask like this in Denmark. Even though it was cheap. Collagen mask are masks soaked in liquid, often for hydrating skin, and it's shaped like your face with holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. 
This collagen mask is with aloe vera and is perfect for sun-damaged skin. It also brings shine, smoothness and moist for tired skin. So, perfect for my skin!

The mask is originally from Korea (therefore the korean symbols - and nope, I don't understand a word!) 
It's from a brand I actually didn't know about called "BeauuGreen".

Take off any makeup (I just woke up, so I didn't wear any at all) and rinse your face. I use my favorite Gel-based washgel for acne-skin. Do you see my red nose? It's caused by the horrible sun-damage! 

When your face is clean, take out the collagen mask. It's soaked in aloe vera and feels really cooling. The mask is folded in the package, and be carfeful: You must be very gentle when you unfold the mask - you might rip it, 'cause it's paper thin! (Get it? Paper mask? Ok, no...) Sorry for my horrible undon nails, I was supposed to do them before this, but didn't get to do it.

Place the mask over your face and try to place it right. The masks are big so they can fit any type of face. I love that it covers the whole face! And it cools my skin down in a nice way. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. 

Yeah, yeah. You WILL look silly! Don't meet up with your boyfriend like this hahah ~
These mask are also good for long airplane flights! They hydrate a lot and you don't need water to wash off, so bring one in your handbagage next time you go flying!
I actully smiled in this picture, but the mask covered my lip and hides my smile. 

Look how it covers the whole face?

After 15-20 minutes remove the mask. 

Don't waste your mask. Use the remaining aloe vera liquid on your neck! 

Massage your face and your skin will soak up the rest of the mask after it's removed. You can also gently clap your face to give it a fresh tint. 

Afterwards my face feels fresh and awake! And it's also very hydrated, as the sun dehydrated my skin a lot. 

Goodbye mask! After using the collagen mask just throw it out. 

It's all I have for now. Bye!