Wednesday, October 24, 2012

L'oreal Triple Active Moisturizer Review + Update

I just came home from the doctor who told me I have an infection. I breathe really heavily, but I hope the medicine can help me. 
Just a quick intro; I'll show you my two favorite clothing pieces! I don't care a lot for western fashion but I try to follow up a little with Liz Lisa (check their stuff here: Liz Lisa Shop) or get inspiration from my favorite blogger Hera/ He Xiao Miao (link to her 136 blog: Hera's blog, Her taobao (chinese ebay) where you can get her clothes: Taobao)
I bought the white dress in Portugal, and got the pink one from my boyfriend as a birthday gift. It's so big because it's an oversize shirt. 

Anyways, I'm going to review this drugstore product; eye shadow sticker.
Basically, instead of using eyeshadows and brushes to apply shimmery, sparkly colours to your lids, you can use this sticker. 
This is what it looks like. 
How to:
Take out the sticker from the small box.
Lift up your eyebrow and place the sticker on your lid.
Wait a few seconds and pull of the sticker.
The colour should be on your lid now. 
 I know my eye looks horrid. I didn't use concealer (nor mascara). I didn't use mascara because I honestly didn't get the wished result. I agree, it does not take more than 4 seconds, but this look is something everyone can create with just a small palette with shimmery eyeshadows. 
 If you still want to use it because you're insecure with using brushes, I suggest you use an eyeshadow primer underneath so it will stick into your lid better and longer.

Horrid eyebrows lol. Can you tell I slag off when I get sick? 
 Something I was very negative about was this. It goes of way to easily.
 It says you must use makeup remover or hot water with soap to remove it after use. I used my finger, and it disappeared. It won't stay on the whole day either.
 Accidently slightly touched the other one and it got completly ruined... Not something I would buy again....

So yeah, here's to the people who made this: Not very satisfied! At all! Boom! 

Other than buying the wrong product, I also bought the right.
I ran out of my very beloved moisturizer from Garnier (Don't remember? Here's my blogentry about The Garnier Moisturizer + Serum)
My moisturizers usually lasts about a month. 
I decieded to try out, for the first time ever, a L'oreal product. My head just said to me that it was a bad product even before trying it or knowing about it. I decieded to either prove myself wrong or right, so I did. Proved myself very wrong, at least for this skincare product; Triple Active Day Cream "Multi Protecting Moisturising Cream" for normal to combined/mixed skin

 Forgive me that the pictures are all so blurry. I took them in the middle of the night in the bathrooms horrible lightning. 

 The cream is good and refreshing and smells awesome! But feels a lot heavier sence I went from a moisturiser mixed with a light serum. It's perfect for my skin since my skin is combined. I'm probably going to invest in their night cream too! 

It's all I have for this entry. I'm going to spend two weeks camping, so before that I'll make sure to make another blogpost. Bye for now ~ Finishing off with a picture of my boyfriend and I. Thank you for helping me all the way from Italia, even when I'm sick ♥