Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Top 5 favorite brands in makeup


Listing up my favorite brands! Need to borrow pictures from all around, since I still don't have a camera *sad face*

1. Dollywink.

A japanese and very cute, adorable, and high quality branding! And made by the very famous Popteen model Tsubasa Masuwaka. This brand has everything from eyeliners, fake lashes, nailpolishes and eyeshadows! Dolly Wink does not have an official side where you can buy their products. (You can buy them on or


They have the sweetest eyeshadow colours produced ever! I uplouded a picture of the brand-'face' too (Well, at least the old one, they have a new now!) Just look how cute it is! Eyekos Official Website

3. Too Faced

Cute design, and cute eye palletes. But so expensive! I have my brush from Too Faced (Remember the pink one with a black bow? It's also called the Too Faced Teddybear Brush!) it was expensive, but I have never had a better brush! It's also 100% animal cruelty free, and that's a big plus! It's super soft and super cute! Love love ~ Too Faced Official Website

4. Sephoras Own Brand

I have two Sephora products now - A brush for both powder and blush, and my angled eyeliner brush. I love them! The quality is super and the products are easy to use! Sephoras brand is private, and can only be bought in Sephora. Sephoras Official Website

5. Garnier

I knew and liked Garnier for a long time - but lately I've been loving them! I bought the BBcream from Garnier, and I love it with all my heart and soul! I have their concealer with caffeine, a moisturizer and a hairmask. Garnier is very affordable, if you wallet is empty, but they offer a nice quality. Garnier runs makeup and very good skincare and haircare too. Garniers Official Website

All for now. I'm off! ~