Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EOS Lipbalm ~ Quick Review


Sorry that I've been really lazy! 

But I'm back now, I promise! 

I was actually thinking of doing a big winter-post, but I'll push it 'till next time I'm posting. 

Instead, this is my small review on the very famous EOS Lipbalm. 
I first saw the EOS Lipbalm when the makeup-guru Michelle Phan used it in one of her videos, and ever since I wanted it! It has lately come to Denmark, and today I finally bought it! 

I bought this cute and pink lipbalm, in 'strawberry sorbet'.
There's several colours and 'flavours' to choose from. Go check it out in the stores!
Positive things:
- Parabeen free! 
- Organic.
- Naturel ingridients.
- Cute colour.
- Nice design! 
- Moisturizers lips really well. 

Negative things 
- The smell is a little too strong.
- It's a bit pricey compare to how much product you get.

I know this post is really short, but be aware of a longer post next time! 

Bye for now! 

(Oh, and, Happy Halloween!)