Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Makeup Tutorial

Horray! My first makup tutorial is now on Youtube! Please watch it here, and comment and/or subscribe! I'm all new, and I would have filmed this with my camera, but since that is not possible my webcam must be there for me. Even thought the video quality is quite bad I still hope you enjoy my video!
By the way, yes, I know I make a lot of kissing-faces in the video ha ha ha! It must be because I spend too much time at my boyfriends' house, maybe? ~
Music I used:
By2 - so so sweet
I couldn't find the artist nor the song name on the finishing one, sorry.

Alright, I promised to list the things you will need to achieve this look; (Yes, I know, that's a lot of pictures of me! But it's late night, and I can't sleep, so that will be my excuse. Tomorrow my eyes will suffer. I will give them lots of love tomorrow!)
Products needed:
Eyeshadows; shimmery gold, shimmery brown, greyish brown, creamy white and dark brown
Brushes; eyeshadow brush, angled eyeliner brush
Brown eyeliner
Fake doll-like eyelashes
Eyelash glue (of course!)
White eyeliner
Black mascara

This look is not everyday-wearable. I would use it for summer parties because of the shimmery yellow colour makes me think of summer and sun!
When the video was finished I added my favorite lipstick with the colour "cupid rose". It's the cutest colour! On top of that I touched up with a rosy lipgloss.

I don't have subtitles on my video because I'd much rather detailed describe 'how to' here.
So here we go! A little step-by-step to teach you all! 

1. Apply a shimmery golden eyeshadow on your eyelid.
2. Use a dark brown and apply it above your crease. My eyelids are small so I want to create a bigger, fake crease to make my eyes seem even bigger.
3. Use a greyish brown and shimmery brown and apply in your outercorner, from fake crease to lashline, almost like a 'smokey eye'.
4. Take a creamy white eyeshadow (I actually used creamshadow) and use it as a highlighter in your innercorners and browbone. Adding white in your innercorners gives an illusion of bigger, brigter eyes.
5. Take an angled eyeliner brush. This is more of an innocent look so black liner will be too harsh. I just took my brown eyeliner instead and lubricated the liquid onto my brush and made a cat-eye. Start from the middle of your eye and work your way out. Don't forget to also line from innercorner and untill the middle.
6. Using the same brush and eyeliner line as close to your lashline underneath your eyes. Only apply up to the middle.
7. Using tweezers, glue and a pair of dolly eyelashes put on your fake eyelashes as you normally would. The bigger lashes, the bigger eyes! (Did I mention that I sometimes even find it hard to apply fake lashes? Those things can be such b*tches sometimes!)
8. Line your waterline with white eyeliner, yet again to make your eyes look HUGE!
9. Apply lots of mascara to your lower lashes, and a little to your real upper lashes, be careful not to mess with the false ones though!
10. You're finished!

I hope this helped, and good luck with makeup! ~ ♥