Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BBcream & BBpowder


I promised that I'd made a blogspot about my BBcream and my BBpowder and this is it! It's going to be short thought, since I'm blogging from the schools computer.
This is my BBcream. It's almost empty by now because I love it so much! BBcreams are lovely, and match the skintone perfectly without looking cakey or overdone. It makes me look beautiful yet naturel! And it harms the skin less than a foundation would, plus it has a lot of vitamins and other great benefits.
This one is from one of my favorite brands Garnier, and it's called Miracle Skin Perfector BBcream in light clair. Unfortunatly, I think they need to release more colous 'cause this only matches my summercolour. When it becomes winter my skin is snow white, and this is there is only 2 colours. Too bad, Garnier!
Beside that BBcream doesn't clog your pores, but makes the skin breathe through the whole day. This BBcream is not waterproof, but you can get some there are! This BBcream is also very moisturizing, and a part of my daily makeup.  
This is the amount of BBcream that you will need. Some may think it's impossible, but go try it! You really don't need a lot. But BBcream is for the naturel 'cover' and shine. If you have a lot of pimples or oily skin I do NOT suggest you a BBcream. Use a oil-absorbent foundation or powder. Because the BBcream may end up making you look even more oily. And if you have more to cover then I suggest foundation too.  

And this! My newest purchase! I actually didn't know about such thing as BBpowder before I bought it. I ranomly spotted it when I went shopping with my boyfriend. I already have a great powder from Benefit that was super expensive and really good, but I accidently broke it (another one to add on the list. When I 'grow up' I'll create a powder unable to break when it falls to the floor!).
It basically has the same benefits as a BBcream, but it's a powder. Cool, huh? I got the last one in my colour, in light, and WOW it sure is light! It is so light I can even use it as a highlighter.
It's from L'oreal, and it's called NUDE MAGIQUE BB POWDER in light.
Sorry for it being so dirty, I will clean the cover soon!

It has a mirror UNDERNEATH the powder. It came with a circular, white sponge, but I removed the sponge, and I'm now using the place for my fake lashes. Lots of messy lashes together, wooh! But really, it's actually a very good place to keep them! (I only have two pairs haha)

All my everyday skin products.
1. I use my fingers to smudge out the BBcream after cleansing my face. I don't suggest using a brush, as the BBcream ends up looking fake and it's easy to use your varm fingers to blend the BBcream.
2. I conceal my dark circles and red areas/pimples with my Garnier Roll-on Concealer. I use a small concealing-brush for this to make my skin appar flawless yet naturel.
3. BBpowder for my entire face with a big fluffy brush. Now you have naturel and flawless looking skin!

Me, ''naked''. I am not wearing any eyemakeup, but I used all of the 3 products above. Look how my skin seems both nice and healthy? I hope this entry helped you out, and hope to see more people use BBcream in the future. (Go find your favorite, right?)

Bye for now! ~