Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi gals and guys! 
Just another slightly beauty-related but personal post! I've used way too much money in this month. BUT! I have severel good news:
- I've lost weight. Infact, 2kgs (4lbs)!
- My skin is almost 100% clean
- I've bought a new and cute jacket
- I've got lenses! No more heavy glasses!
- I've finally found the perfect pink blush
- I've held my lovely vacation with all my friends and my boyfriend ♥ 
And the most happy one: 
I've recieved the shirt I ordered from Ebay! 

Starting from point one, I went to a lovely chinese restuarant. Again? Yes, again! Here's foodporn for you all! 

 (LOL an ugly fried shrimp, right? ~)

With all those unhealthy food I've eaten in this past month I do not understand how I lost weight. But I'm still happy about it! My weight is now 58,2kg. Really close to 57kg (127lbs)! I'll be crazily happy if I get it to 50kg(110lbs) ! 

My skin has cleared up too, but assume it's because I rarely have my bangs down because they're getting too long. Not that I'm complaining! It just means I get to use even less to cover my skin! 

I also got lenses! They're invisible! Put it takes both time and effort to put them in ~ and sometimes I just can't. My eyes are really small compares to the lens. Put the look and feeling of not having to wear big black specs is lovely! If you click the picture it'll be it's original size (sorry for untrimmed eyebrows, I've been lazy), and even like that the lens is barely visible! You can see the other ring a tiny bit. And no I'm not wearing makeup here - I wanna get comfortable with the lenses before applying makeup too. 

 Does this girl really wear lenses? Is she practically blind? No one can tell! Hahah ~

I went shopping as well, and got my first bubble tea ever! It was peach tea. Why did no one tell that bubble tea was so delicious sooner? This is my new favorite drink! I love it too much, and very addictive, so watch out! ~ ♥ 
 Oh no! It's gone too quickly! 

I know I look very tired without makeup. I'm sorry ~~ 

This blogpost is so random, since I've been doing a lot of stuff in this time! 
I've mastered (OK, maybe not..) to make a ballet-looking hairbun! With a little secret, hehehe ~ 
And sorry that it looks like I have no neck? 

And the lovely pink and ultra pigmented blush I bought! It's from a private brand, and a danish store, so I can't guarantie that it can be bought outside Scandinavia, maybe not even outside Denmark. It's from a very new brand caled coolcos. Their products are very colorful and pigmented. They offer nailpolishes and blush, eyeshadow, and other beauty!

 Perfect shade of pink ♥ 
 Handy mirror! Can be bend in all ways! (Almost - do not break it, silly!)

 Almost invisble because of the lightening. 

I became a member of their clubs (It's free and you get the latest news and products on your email). That means I got two FREE lipgloss'. They're adorable, and really lovely and there are so many to choose from! None of them has any colour, only scent. I choose coconut-scent and it's so good I want to lick it of my lips and taste it! The coconut-scent is the white one, the colourless one has no scent nor colour, but it's good for shine. You can also apply a lipstick and use this to make your lips appear bigger! 
 Consistence is a bit too thick though. 
 Smudged out - don't worry even thought the coconut-lipgloss is still slightly white here, it will be invisible on your lips, I promise!


I bought a shirt from Ebay, which originally is from Hera's store. I am the biggest fan of Hera and adore her to the fullest, so this is the happiest day ever! YAY! I bought the blue kitty shirt for about 20dollars. And I love it! ♥ All the way from Taiwan!

 It really did confuse me with the japanese and korean symbols (Can someone tell me what it means?). 
Other than that, these are the items in the package. A 'sorry'-gift, a small letter from the company and the shirt.
 They told me I'd recieve the package after 2 weeks only, but I waited 3 weeks. I got a cute little sorry gift! A Hello Kitty Bow - plug to put in my phone when I'm not listening to music. It's not white, but more pinkish in real. 
 The letter with info and a cute excuse. Awwww ~ ♥ 
 Other side of the letter. It was filled with pictures of korean ulzzangs/models and a comic! 

 Loving the images!

 Cute Hello Kitty bow! 

And for the most imporant: The shirt! 

 It's softer than my PJ's! 
Quality: Super!
Colour: Super!
My happiness: More than super!
(This picture is great quality, taken with an actual camera.) There are more pictures to come tomorrow, but I will blog later. Kisses from kitty, and I'm out! 

Bye for now! ~

Psssst. If you want to know where I got my shirt from, comment below or leave me an email at!