Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Matas Stribes - Danish Skincare


Wanted to talk about this wonderful mask: Rense Maske from Matas (Rense Maske - Cleaning Mask)

It's a danish brand, only sold in Denmark, in the shop Matas. I'm unsure if it's sold anywhere else in Scandinavia, but I doubt. They are known as the stribes, and this one has light blue.
Each colourset of stripes (pink, light blue, green, light green, dark blue) represents a different skintype. 
Pink - sensitive/dry skin
Light blue (this one) - Normal/combined skin/All skintypes
Green - Oily/Acne skin
Light green - for babies (no parfum, or any other harmful chemicals)
(Dark blue - usually sun protection/sun screen)
I used to use the green colour before, I had many pimples. And oh my, this products helped me big time! 
I will explain a little first but I have an announcement. 

I will give 3 Matas-products away! 

I will do this when I reach 100 followers, and there is more to come later, when I get closer to my goal. So keep up!

Back to the mask. This mask is white, and has tea in it. A lovely product! There are severel products such as day-night creams, makeup removers, masks, hand and feet-creams, hair-products, body-creams and the list goes on. Basically all kind of creams! Even better is that they care for your skintype. This means you won't have to wonder if it fits your skintype or not - because it will! 

I've used this about 3 times, and I love it. I rinse my skin, and apply the mask with a CLEAN foundation-brush. It's even better if you have two similar foundation brushes, one for your foundation and one for applying masks. There will always be bacteria if you use an used brush. 
Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes, and rinse of with water. 
It leaves me with a fresh face. I was so surprised! All my pores were open, my face just woke up again. Ahhh, lovely! ~ My skin can breathe!
I use my skintone after (even more fresh-feeling!) and apply a big layer of moisturizer. My skin looks prettier and healthier after use. Use this mask about 2-3 a week. 

Translation: Contains hamamelis and camomile tea
Effectivily absorbs oil (from your skin)
Moisturizes and protects/cares
All skintypes

(Translation of the middlepart) The good advice: 

 The lightening is bad, but it is white. Like really bright, and has the consistence of toothpaste. (Doesn't really sound yummy, does it? But it is effective!)

 Applying the mask with a regular foundation brush. Apply all over, but avoid your eye area. Make your application as even as possible. 

 So sexy... Do not visit boyfriend while doing this! 

 Only a few minutes later I can see my pores open up! Whoa! (I know, it's disgusting. Please don't hate me!)

15 minutes become less boring with green tea, and some sugarfree candy (Having a diabetic dad, I get special sugarfree candy, woh!)

If you want to check out all the Matas Stribes check their website out (it's in danish though): Matas Webshop

Bye for now! ~