Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Warning; This is a personal update. I think I might do these like 3 times a month. 
I recently bought 3 collagen mask, because I'm super obsessed with their effectivy! Even thought I look so dumb. This time I bought one for wrinkles (I just don't want them!), one with brightening effect and my beloved Aloe Vera one. My sister also bought a Green Tea collagen mask! 

I dyed my hair too. Sadly, a disappointment. It's even permanent. It was supposed to get like 2-4 tones lighter than my normal hair. I bought two boxes, not because my hair is long, but it's very thick, and mom helped me dye it. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. 

 My hair before any treatmeants. You can see the lighter hair on the top is because of my roots growing out, and the lower part is the colour of my old dye. (It was not permanent, and should only last 8 weeks, but it's far more than 8 weeks since I got it dyed. What's with my hair and dye?!)
Here I am suffering from the fymes of ammoniak for half an hour. After the dye I noticed my hair got DARKER, thinner and I got obvious split-ends. How horrid. I love my hair, but this really was a bad choice.
(I did not take an 'after'-result. I just thought it was too ugly.) 

I have also eaten a lot recently, but in this time I don't feel hungry at all, I don't know why. I have a lot of stomach-ache. 
Either way, lovely icecream! I love cookie dough- and strawberry cheesecake icecream! 

It's the same quality and yummy-ness as Ben&Jerys but it's a lot cheaper. Hooray!

My boyfriend and I went swimming - and eating in the cafeteria. Killing all the calories we just burned! But oh, food is so good, yet so bad for me! 

I went shopping after school with a friend, and found these. Probably the cutest shoes ever!
 They are so pretty, but I am already tall so the heel is quite a minus. 
 I'm cooking more lately, because I want to be more feminine (stereotypical? Oh yes!) And because I'm 18 within a year. Then I'm standing by myself, and it's a good thing to known how to cook proper healthy meals for oneself! 

I'm trying to improve my chinese. I've been learning chinese for a couple of years now, but never learned to write or understand the symbols. So I borrowed some books and I know have some chinese homework everyday! It's so tough!
 Learning small child-sentences.. Hahaha  ~
But I can already read this! It's an improvement! (I know the picture is turned the wrong way, sorry about that!)

Bye for now! ~