Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Personal Post ~


It's been a while since I've made a non-beauty and more personal post. I have a new phone now with 5 megapixel camera, which takes nice pictures, so that I finally have a chance to make post without 'stealing' other peoples pictures! YAY! Buuuut - this doesn't mean I still won't buy a new camera. Though this is my first time I own a smartphone - HTC ChaCha. It's really pretty, reminds me of a blackberry, and I love the buttons (I hate touch-screen...). 

And, I HAVE GREAT NEWS, I am going to blog more often! Not everyday, but 2-3 times a week. No more waiting the whole month for a new entry! No more being lazy me! YAY! 

Anyways, I went to my oh-so-beloved chinese restaurant yesterday, and I just felt like sharing it with you guys!  I always eat so much, because my favorite kind of food is chinese food, and it's so cheap too. I always start with peking soup. It's spicy, but so good. T^T

Sushi! I always eat a lot of sushi, because of the health and because of the awesome taste! And did you know - we have fried sushi? (Seems like you can fry everything in this world, huh?) It's so good! But of course a lot more unhealthy than the 'normal sushi'. 

This is what we call the 'yellow plate' in my family. Lots of unhealthy, fried goods! This is fried rice, noodles with vegetables, wan-tan, fried chicken, fried shrimp and a single springroll.

Selca in the restaurant. The blue lightening is horrid, and I didn't have time to apply makeup. So I'm sorry for the ugly picture, and excuse the strange hair too - I've cut my own bangs too short. *sigh*

Got these from the restaurant. Doraemon stickers! I have both Doreamon and Hello Kitty stickers all over my glass where I keep my toothbrushes (people with brace need several brushes) and toothpaste! All from the restaurant. 

By the way, if you think the pictures are too small, just click them and they will become their original size! 

And I've decided to go on a diet again, because I have had some really unhealthy days! Just the day before I went with a friend on a bar, and had this huge hot chocolate, with two mini chocolates too and lots of whipped cream! Looks good right? It's good for my eyes and mind, but not for my poor body, hahah ~
These weeks I will control my fastfood and sugar intake. And drink more water too! 

In about 2-3 month I will have a camera. I've got a job, even though it's as a cleaning girl, it gives really good money. And I mean REALLY good! I'm so happy about that! 

My next blogentry will be about my newest purchase the BBpowder from L'oreal. Yup, BBpowder! It will be a blog both about my BBcream and BBpowder. (And you still wonder why I call myself floralBB? Hahaha, I'm obsesed with these products!) 

Bye for now!