Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Derma Eyecream Review

Hi again!

It's getting hot and sunny!
So first here are some important rules to prevent earlier wrinkels, but still soak up some D-vitamin from the sun!

Hydrate yourself, inside, outside, whereever! It's getting hot, and you need to fill yourself up with water!
Stay inside or in the shadow between 12pm-3pm, that's where the sun is hottest and damages your skin the most!
Use sunscreen/sunblocker  such an easy rule, yet people seem to forget it. It's not only for when you are going to the beach. Always use sunscreen! And don't forget your face, especially undereye-area, nose and lips, that's where you would usually be sunburned in the face. Also wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp.
Use sunglasses, the sun will damage your eyes, and cause earlier wrinkels around the eyes if you forget to use them! Even in the hot spring you can start wearing sunglasses.

With all these steps you can still get all your D-vitamin that you probably missed from winter, and enjoy sun in moderation! ♥

Besides, I'm doing a new review again, on a (drugstore) eyecream I bought. I bought a new one since my Clinique Eye Cream is empty :( This one is really cheap and a typical drugstore product, it was even on sale. But it's quite big compared to being an eyecream, so it won't disappear in short time! And even thought it was cheap it's still anti-wrinkle, and it's has Jojoba-oil and Vitam E in it! Lovely! It's from Derma which is actually a very trustworthy and nice brand.

 What I dislike about it is, that you tent to get a liiiittle too much when you use it. Here it is, with just a tiny squeeze. And it doesn't have SPF.
 After about 45 minutes it has soaked into the skin without looking shinny or feeling heavy. It makes the eye-area feel cooled off. Massage it into your skin from innercorner and out to vanish your dark circles and puffyness under your eyes from sleeping (or even worse, lack of sleeping).

I also cleaned up in my skincare stuff! It was a big mess in a purple box, so I decided to line it up nicely in my bathroom instead! Can you even imagine all this being in a nice order?!
Above: All the skincare products that are NOT my everyday-products
Under: Testers from people, stores or magazines.
I hope it fits..
Cleaned up and finished! This is the 'leftover'. A random hairbrush, empty packages, etc.
Finished result:
left: hairbrush, hairspry, heatprotecter and hairbands
right: Everyday makeup (I use more for everyday, but I left most on the school), and a handhold mirror.
(This is right under the zink, by the way)
Brushes, that are clearly not clean. (They will be soon!) Different brushes, thought I still need lots more!
My everyday, beloved skincare products! From left to right: Eyecream, Wash-gel, Facewash, Skin tonic, Handcream, Skin Tonic (almost empty), Mositurizer.
Small testers from everywhere. Mostly eyecreams and moisturizers. (And a pocketmirror)

All my non-everyday skincare products (and a few deo's, nailpolishremover, nosespray, and glasses-cleaner!)
Skincareproducts and testers!
Cleaning all done! I am so glad it's not a mess and I can actually find my stuff when I'm searching for it! 

Now I'm done cleaning, I'll go and take a rest. Bye!