Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Sorry for lack of posting, I'm busy with exams!
I have no pictures, so I will steal pictures of Google, and talk about something I really want to try and know more about! Many beauty-blogs and fit-blogs have shown a huge interest (especially among chinese bloggers currently) in products that makes you slimmer - without excersizing. (Of course you WILL have to excersize, don't even doubt that!)
I yesterday tried this product which should replace a meal. It's called "nupo" and is sold in almost all shops. It's a chocolate kind-of-milkshake (available in several flavors!) with only 211calories per 330ml! (For those who didn't see it was obvious, the shake contains 330ml liquid, yes...) It looks like this:

The other flavors are such as banana, berries, etc. I choose chocolate, because I am basically addicted to it!

Nupo has other products, and I really want to try them badly! Unfortunatly, slimming products are quite expensive here, so I will need some more money or a job to affort it. Or maybe stop wasting my money on skincare and cosmetics... Too tough to chose, right? I want to be both slim and pretty! The other products seem nice to thought. "Very low calorie diet" Diet shake? Seems more than good to me! I really love milkshakes, but of course they're filled with milk, ice, youghurt, sugar and lots of other fat-goods! This is a really good idea whether you want to lose 40kg or 5kg. But of course, take everything with moderation. This should not replace ALL your day-meals. You need real food! Also this doesn't mean you don't have to excersize at all. Drinking this, regular excersize (2-3 times a week for some, everyday for others, ask your doctor if you're in doubt!) and healthy meals will make a huge effect and give a nice, healthy, happy and SLIM body!

Also, the products I want to try the most, but is not avialable here in Denmark. The "Kilo Off"-products! There are also a lot to choose from! Shakes, tea, coffe, dissolving pills (dissolves in liquid so that you can drink water or whatever you like!). In the same serious there are also moisterizers for your body! It will slim the body, and make you more toned! I really want all their products!

NB: If your BMI is under 15-16 don't even consider buying these products! Check your BMI. It should be between 15,5 and 24,9. If you don't know your BMI, you can check it here: 

My BMI is: 20.6 

Satisfying, but I still want a slimmer waist. 

 But always be a bit suspicious! Buying from the internet is stupid, always go to real stores and ask them if any of their slimming-products have any sideeffects or maybe you are allergic to some of the ingridients. Don't trust everything, especially not diet-pills. And remember it's not necessary to use all these products! Changing your lifestyle into something better and healthier and being more positive has a lot of effects on a sad body too! Good luck! ♥