Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hair Removal


So it's been some time since I've blogged. Basically I'm in a lot of hurry due to school, and it's gonna be vacation soon and I may not have time to blog at all, I'm going to see all my friends! 

Anyways, I quick post about hair removal. Something most girls do in todays modern society. We all have different reasons - but we also have different ways to do it! And different place to remove unwanted hair.
Most girls, start at about 12. But it varies! Some start at 10, some at 17 and some even never! 
Removing hair is common between girl and of course boys, but this one is going to focus on how girls get rid of hair - so if you're sensible, go away boys! 

You are never forced to remover your hair, and no one should decide where you should remove your hair either. If you don't want to shave your armpits because you feel it wrong or you harm yourself - don't. 
This post is a small guide on how to make it easier, and the different ways to remove hair and where to remove it. 

1. The classic - A razor, shavingcream and water. 
This is what most people do. Boys and girls. It's easy to get, easy to do, and it's not expensive. Only thing needed is a small razor and water. Many prefer to use it with shavergel to make it even easier. Do NEVER use a razor like this anywhere on your face! Your hair will grow out almost instantly and it will appear thicker (because you cut the ends of, but not the roots) and even more noticeable. And it's a pain and a shame to shave your face like a boy would every other day, right?

(Picture from here.)

2. The epilator. 
Can be used both dry and in water, so you can bring in with you in the shower! Now what exactly does this machine do? Let me answer that with another question. Do you pluck your brows? Then you probably use a tweezer to pull your hair out. This is the exact same concept. Lots of small, small tweezers quickly pulling out all the hair! The result last about 14 days, because you get the hair our by the roots! And no dry legs as you get with the normal razor. This one does not harm your legs - althought the first times your legs might be a little red, but it'll disappear in a few minutes. This can be used anywhere on your body, but I do NOT suggest your face nor your genitals. 

(Picture from here.)

3. Hair Removal Cream (My pictures)

Ok, here is my little secret. I remove the hair on my arms. Why? Because I want to, because I can, and because I prefer my arms without hair. I use the hair removal cream from Veet. The smell is very chemical, but it works! It basically removes the hair by etching the hair roots away. The result is longlasting too, depending on the effectivity. It feels cooling, and there is a lot of chemicals in this so I do not suggest it. I only use it fo my arms, and no where else on my body. Do NEVER use a hair removal cream on your genitals. You can use it for your face, it looks better and less fake than using the shaver, and the result will leave it naturel and longlasting. But you still have to be careful with all kind of strog chemicals! 

 (Sorry for the very unflattering toilet in the background!)
Leave the cream for at least 3 minutes and no more than 6 minutes. Remove with water. 

This is my arm after the treatment. No hair at all, and it's just more than amazingly soft! A bit red due to the parfume and chemicals but it usually disappears in a short time. 

4. Waxing - the painful one

This one is for the tough girl! But the result is the most longlasting after all - it last a month! 
Wax comes in two ways - cold and warm. Obviously warm wax is more painful - but I believe it's more powerful as well. You can get wax treatments at a cosmetologist, or do it at home. 
When doing it at home you need a lot of currage! You can wax your armpits (Auch!), your legs (hopefully less auch..) and between your eyebrows, on your "moustache" above the upperlip. If you want a brazillian wax (If you have not heard of it, please google it.) then I suggest you go to a professional.  
(Picture from here.)

Enjoy shaving, ladies! (And tough boys? You might wanna try different methods too! Hahah ~)

I'll go sleeping now. Goodnight!