Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fake Lashes ~


I am a huge fan of fake lashes. My eye goes from normal to BOOM! Big and bright!
I have naturelly thick, pigmented and long lashes. So in fact I wouldn't really need fake lashes.
But it just happenes that even thought makeup is my big passion, I never apply mascara unless I go to parties or bigger events (which is rare, you can tell! Hahaha ~). I can't apply mascara pretty (at least I think so) and my lower lashes are actually longer than my upper lashes when I wear mascara! Awful look, I tell you! When I get a new camera, I will prove it to you guys.
But the problem solver for me and my lack of being able to apply pretty mascara is here: Fake lashes! They are already perfectly made from the beginning! Therefore, this blogpost is going to be all about lashes!

First of, different 'races' can pull of different lashes, and there are many to chose from! I've taken some stereotypical lashes and races, but don't be afraid to buy and try different lashes to find your favorite!

Here are some examples:

Dolly-looking, thick lashes. For example the japanese brand Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka. If you have lighter skin you can also try brown lashes. 
(Picture is from this blog)

Latino: Dramatic, long and dark lashes! Elf has cheap but good ones. 

(Picture is from Elf, click here to buy them: Elf Online Shop)


Naturel lashes, nothing too overdone. If you have very pale skin find some brown ones, they will appear more naturel. (No. 70, 62 and 53 on the picture) I know in Scandinavia the brand Depend has some really naturel and cheap ones. 
(Picture is from this link)

Black lashes is a must. Find some lashes that are very 'curly', they will make the eyes big I tell you!

(Buy these lashes on Ebay here)

Lashes comes, like humans, in all different colours, shapes and sizes. Try them all, and pick your favorite! 
An alternative to the full fake lash can be the single lashes, also called the individual lashes: These are applied one by one, and you get to choose how many extra 'lashes' you want to wear. These are perfect for the naturel or everyday look, and with some practice it may even be easier to apply than the full lash. 
(Picture is from this blog)

You can use full lashes for about a month before they are worn out and you have to throw them out. 
Have clean hands and use a tweezer. Be careful with the glue, and do not let it get into your eyes! Read on the package how to use them proberly first. 
When you pull your lashes off, be very gentle. It's breakable, don't forget that. 
But if you want your lashes to last the whole month you better clean them after use! It's an important step, if you forget to clean them you may give yourself eyeinfections from the leftover bacteria from the last time you used it. 

How to clean fake lashes after use:
- Take a Q-tip and soak it in makeup remover (NOT oil-free) and gently rinse the leftover glue off the lashes.
- Water another Q-tip and wipe it across the whole lash, to clean it all up for any makeup you may left on (ex. powder eyeshadow or eyeliner) and wipe the oily makeup remover away.  

I will finish wearing my newest fake lashes. These are from Depend and are doll-like but also naturel. I bought them for my boyfriends' money (I pay him back in kisses? Just kidding, haha! He will have them back next time we meet.) I just threw my old ones out because a month passed. (The ones I used in my makeup tutorial.) They were more doll-looking and smaller than these, and these new ones are a bit more tough to apply, but I will practice! See you next time! ~