Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Garnier Moisturizer + Serum Review


I reviewed my newest bought (and now my favorite!) product!
It's amazing because it's a 2-in-one again! I love it ~ A moisturizer and serum in one!
Why did I buy it? Well, my last one that I've posted before (Nivea anti-age moisturizer) is used up.
By the way, my camera is at home, so these pictures are taken with my friends' camera.
 Did I mention it's an anti-age again? I love anti-age product, because I really want to prevent wrinkels (No, of course I don't have wrinkles as I am only 16!). The consistence is very different from my old one. You barely need any moisterizer, and it's like... slimey water, honestly. In a good way thought! It's hard to describe.. Anyways, I love the brand too, I love GARNIER!

 Allergic to anything of these ingredients? If you have any allergies or have sensitive skin remember always to check what your skincare products are made of! This one consists of parfum, which isn't a plus. But on the other side, it's a very heave but yummy smell! Remind me of warm caramell, and it's really delicious!
 A very nice design as well! The insides of the bottle is so cool, and I love that it's see-through!

 I use only HALF a 'pump'. You won't need much for your whole face because of the consistence! And it's a lovely and fresh feeling because it's so light. My old one was very heavy and shiny on my face (but I'd had so many other good features that I still loved it!) but this one can be worn anyday, all day!

 Package and product ~

(Sorry for bad photos! I'm really not good with other cameras!) 

Alright, that's all, sorry for the short post! I will post again soon!