Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video Tutorial ~


I promised you guys my next entry would be about my BB-stuff, but I'll push it to the next again. Because:
I've made a new makeup tutorial, you can watch here:  我的日常妝 ~ Everyday Dolly Gal 

It's a very basic everyday gyaru/gal look. Wearable at work too. Whether you want to add fake lashes or not are your own choose, but it makes me eyes go really big and bright! 

Before I started filmed I had already contoured my face and applying BBcream and BBpowder for perfect skin. In my camera it looks a lot darker (especially the contouring on my nose - seriously, camera, why do you do this to me? Un-noticable with light, and overdone when dark?) but it's more naturel in real. 

So, I don't explain how to do this look in my videos, that's why I will do it here, step-by-step. 

Things you will need:
- BBcream or foundation if you like, BBpowder/'normal' powder
- Blush
- Lipstick and lipgloss
- Fake lashes, lash glue and a tweezer
- Liquid liner
- Cream eyeshadows
- Mascara
- Brushes 
- Concealer

1. Make your skin pretty with BBcream and powder, contour your nose and apply pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. 
2. Start with the liquid eyeliner. Make a thick line along your eyelid, do NOT make it wider than your eye is. No cat-eye, no nothing. 
3. Apply a gold-caramel cream eyeshadow on your lid, and a little above your real lid. 
3. Apply a darker cream eyeshadow colour (Dark brown) and create a fake crease. Apply on the outer corner and along your lower lashline, untill the middle too. 
4. Once again use a pure, white, shimmery cream eyeshadow and apply it on your browbone as a highlighter.
5. Using a brown powder eyeshadow dap a bit on your eyebrow whereever you have 'gaps.'
6. Take some long, naturel lashes and apply them as you usually would. 
7. Apply mascara to your upper lashes to mak them stick witht he false ones. Coat your lower lashes long and full. 
8. If you want to, apply concealer in the corners of your mouth, this will give the illusion of smaller, fuller lips. Apply powder over the concealer to matify it. 
9. Apply a rossey-peach lipstick colour to your lips. 
10. Apply a shimmery colour above the lipstick. 
Fix your hair and you're done! Easy easy ~

I choose some chinese tags plus title of the video because this makeup looks is mainly focused on typical chinese girls makeup. It also looks better on chinese eyes - I know from applying this makeup on my chinese friend. 

Hope you like my video! 

Bai bai ~