Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taiwanese Gifts ~


I'm just gonna show the things I got from a taiwanese friend, Alice! 
I got a: Japanese Lolita Magazine, socks, notebook, Hello Kitty glasses
 A bit of a different gift! It's the first time I recieve something from overseas! I only once before recieved a letter from England! 

 The Lolita Magazine Cover! It's all in japanese, but there's so many different and cool pictures to look at!
 (Sorry, I will make a blogentry showing all the pages, turning the RIGHT way, later!) A classic makeup tutorial!
 Amazing pictures!
 Cute angel and devil stickers in the magazine!
 Behind the magazine there's a guide to sew your own skirt!

The cute lolita-inspired socks from Taiwan, if I'm not wrong. (She told me in the letter what she bought from Taiwan and what she bought me in Japan).

The letter that came with, with the cutest Hello Kitty ribbon-sticker!
 Is this not adorable?  ~~

And the really awesome hello Kitty glasses! I love them!
 A cute taiwanese notebook with animals!

 All the stuff:

 Thank you so much, Alice! I love it and every thing you gave me! ♥

I know I promised to make a blogentry about books, which I should have done on the school, but I'm home now, so that'll be later. I'm going to blog about my newest product either tomorrow or sunday. 

Even my sisters hamster (Speedy) is curious! 

Also collected lots of magazines from school! Two ELLE-magazines, COVER and two Fit living!
 So, it's not books, but lots of reading still, right? ~~ 

Bye for now! ♥