Monday, April 1, 2013

Lancome Serum Review


Sorry for being so inactive for... almost a month? Sorry for being a suckish blogger, I promise to pull myself together! In april I will make more posts, I promise! 

Here is my review on my Lancome serum!

First of: Why use serum when you're so young?
I'm 17, so it will be quite some time before I see wrinkles (however fine lines can appear already in your 20'es), and serum is known to be something only for 'old women'. Well, it's not, and the younger you are trying to avoid the wrinkles, the longer they will keep away. If you start using antiwrinkle products when you already have wrinkles, you won't be fixing the "mistakes", you'll just prevent new wrinkles from coming. 
Serum is an amazing product, but you don't need to use a serum for 60+ skin. Ask your local makeup store what will match your skin best. 

Alright, now to the review. 
This is: Lancome Genifique Youth Activator
Price (in Denmark only - it may vary depending on where you live): 365DKK (I hope it's right, forgive me if not), which is about 62USD. 
So it is pricey for only 20ml, but you can buy a bigger bottle, 50ml for 500+DKK, which is 85USD.

Some 'explanation' on the back of the box.
 Serum should be applied morning and evening before bedtime. Rinse/cleanse your face and if you want to, use a toner before applying your serum. Do NOT apply your moisturiser before your serum! Serum first, then moisturiser. 

Sorry for the bad pictures, I don't know why the quality is so low ~
I think this serum is quite nice. It gives this fresh feeling on my face. It doesn't really have any smell, and the consistence is almost like water! 
You only need 1-2 drops for the entire face and it takes second for it to sink into your face! After using it for now, a couple of weeks, I feel my skin has not improved much - but it could be caused for bad eating, etc. too. I still use it, and I think I will repurchase it when I run out!

This review was super short, but I still hope you like it. I recommend for all ages to purchase a serum, ask your local makeup store what fits your better. Good luck, and I will return very soon!