Monday, December 17, 2012

2 x mask review


I have 2 mask reviews. Both positive and negative, yet they are from the same producer so it might not have anything to do with that. Anyways! Let's start out positive, right? ~

Trigger warning: If you are scared of ugly faces, please leave now! Hahah ~
First mask is: Rasberry pore cleansing mask by H&M

It works really well, I was acually surprised! And I am 100& going to buy this mask again.
If you suffer from big/obvious pores this is a great help. It cleared and brightened my pores and removed lots, it also made the redness around my nose- and cheek area disappear! This works amazing! ~
The smell too, is awesome. Smells like rasberry (kind of), and I literally just sat and smelled my own face for a whole 20 minutes. But of course this means that you're unable to use this mask if you're allergic to parfum.
The mask is quite cute with its pinkish colour too! ~ I ♥ this mask!

Thought it looks very cheap (well it IS very cheap - it's about 2-3 dollars only!)  it is super effective!

Applying the mask on wet skin, for 15-20 minutes (or when it's dry). This is when I could still smile! ~
Avoid eyearea (and brow-area. I have no excuse for this, I'm just really clumsy lol!)

Trigger warning: It's getting ugly now! Cracking everywhere, is this my future wrinkles?!

Scary face - dry mask. Unable to smile now. So you get stone-face, okay? Time to take the mask off with lukewarm water and see the finishing instant result! 

For this: I'm sorry that I don't have a "before"-picture, but look at how clean my skin is! You can barely tell I used to have huge and ugly pores! The redness around nose is gone as well, and my skin looks fresh, clean and nice. Super like!

My thoughts: 

                             Durabilty of product:

It has been almost a week and the result are as good as when I just took of the mask. Still no pores! Woohoo! ~ 


Now for the negative review. As said, this has nothing to do with the producer since it's the same producer. 

Reason I don't like this is, it's like fake and disgusting. I don't want to use it ever again. 
This doesn't nourish my skin as it says. Plus the products if full of SHIMMER. What the f...? No shimmer in my skincare-products please! So I only ended up with a fake promise of fresh skin - instead I had stupid glittery shimmer all over - impossible to get off! Ahh! ~ 

Also, the mask make me look sick - it's like I have reddish scars all over my face. 

This is my foundation-brush I used to apply my mask. Can you see the shimmer reflecting? And strange purple ugly colour too ~

OMG ~ look it's scar face! Oh wait, it's really just me with an ugly purple-red mask!

Not very satisfied! >_<

                             Durabilty of product: ☆ 

It's all for now. Bye! ~