Tuesday, November 20, 2012



First, a quick update of why I'm being so lazy and without energy lately. 
I have not gotten any sleep for more than a month. Usually I get my 7-8 hours, but recently it changed. Everynight I have gotten about 3-4 og 1-2 hours of sleep. On really bad days I get no sleep at all. I am on medication now, but it's not really helping. It leaves me without any energy at all. I really hope it changes soon.. Nothing good comes from it: pale skin, pale hair, dark circles, puffy eyes, bloodshot eyes, anxiety and the list goes on. 

Anyways, this post is actually to show my going out makeup! It used to be my daily makeup, but since I don't sleep enough I can't be bothered in the morning. 

Here it is! ~

The top makeup products are for the skin - like a base. (I forgot to show my contour shadow)
The second is for the eyes only
And lastely, the lips! The makeup is not in any particular order.( Meaning I don't wear my powder and THEN my bbcream).


From left to right: BBpowder, redness corrector (basically green liquid!), concealer, pink blush, eyebrow pencil, brush from Too Faced and BBcream. 

This is my lovely BBpowder. It's almost white, and it's the lightest colour. I use it to seal my skin, and leaves it un-shiny and naturel! 

 Redness corrector and concealer. I erase the redness I have on my cheeks and especially on my nose. And conceal my dark circles. The concealer contains caffeine, for fresh looking eyes!

Baby pink blush for baby pink cheeks! ~

Chocolate brown eyebrow pencil. Good for severel uses, not only eyebrows. I use it as eyeliner and eye'shadow' as well! 

 My forever favorite pink and super cute brush from Too Faced! Super soft as well.

My BBcream. It's getting a little too dark for my skin, because it's getting winter. I'm hoping to buy a new one soon!


Small creamshadow from Taiwan. The colours are: white, grey, purple, violet, blue, pink, reddish, brown and gold. The ones I use are white, gold and brown! They are all sligtly glittery. 

Small eyepalette. I use the white only, for my innercorners and to highlight. 

Liquid eyeliner, which I love! Brings attention to my small eyes and stays on the entire day! 

Gel-liner. Mainly using this for tightlining my eyes or a quick everday liner. 

White pencil eyeliner. Several uses, but mainly for my waterline, to make my eyes appear bigger.

Eyelash curler, to give my lashes a little 'lift'! Heat it up with a blowdryer (but be careful, don't use a way too hot eyelash curler on your eyes!) and curl your lashes. This will make the result last longer. 

My bamboo eyeshadow brush. Used for applying eyeshadow AND contouring my nose. 

(I forgot to take a picture of my mascara!)


I use this lipgloss first. It works exatly like a lip teint, and is rosey. I apply it only in the middle and center of my lips.  I used it to create the look from my last post. 

I apply this lipstick onto my lips to make it look more naturel. It's peach-rosey colour. 

My base: EOS organic lipbalm, is great! Use a lipgloss above if you want bigger lips with a 'plump'-effect. 

I know this isn't a lot, but it's all I have for now, I'm really sorry. I hope to be better soon! ~



Marxie ♔ said...

I love the pink brush! It's cute. :D


floralbb said...

Thank you! ~ ♥