Monday, November 5, 2012


Hi everyone!

This is a personal post! Since I'm trying to learn chinese, and I want it to be more though, I will try to write as much as I can in chinese in my personal post (only). And in english too, of course!

It has been a very inactive month. I have been so lazy, sorry!


I went to Germany. And I got Bubble Tea! Do you know it? I love it!

我访问德。 和我得到了Bubble Tea! 你知道它?我爱它!~ ♥ 

I want to make OOTD (Outfit of the day) or maybe MOTD (Makeup of the day). But my makeup is always very similar. I think OOTD would be fun. 

我要去使OOTD 或也许 MOTD. 但我的化妆是类似。 我认为OOTD是乐趣。

(My best friend, because I love her!)

(我的好朋友。 我爱她!~ ♥)

Just a quick brace update! This is too complicated for my in chinese, though. 
I've had my brace for about two years now (I got it in november, but can't remember the exact date). 
For some month I had some 'things' (what are they even called?) in my mouth, that caused dark shadowing and weird looking lips as you see on the picture uder. Even when my mouth was normal it would be visible. 
(By the way, sorry for all the horrid pictures. It's not flattering at all!)

The more I smile the more visible it is. 

*Poking out of my lips, aye?*

 This is how they looked. Horrid and ugly and pokey. They also caused scars, bleeding, infections, etc. in my mouth. 

And now, the brace is not gone, but they pokey-things are! Even thought they're just replaced with elastics it's still awesome, since I no longer have something poking out all the time! Aaah, the lovely feeling ~ And my mouth can finally heal up! 

Just look at it! Nothing poking out anymore, it's so pretty and I'm so happy to smile a little more again! I know my mouth area is ugly due to unclear skin, redness and so on. The redness is caused by the dentists pulling my mouth too much, though. 

Alright! Bye! 

好吧! 再见!Baibaii ~

(By the way, when it comes to the correct symbols and the grammar I know my chinese is really bad. But this is only practise, and please do correct my if I'm wrong!)