Saturday, November 10, 2012

Big Winter Post


It's slowly getting colder, and it's getting winter. For some people it means being outdoor, lots of snow and christmas. But it also means a lot for our appereance! 

I like winter because I can avoid being tan. I like being pale! ~ But for those who doesn't. Use spraytan - it's harmless. Do not use the suntanning machines! 

This is my winter-guide for you all, to survive the cold winters! ~

I love in Denmark and in the winter it's about 0 - (minus)10C, and it usually snows. The winter is cold all over the world, and cause your skin to become dry. Therefore give your self some moisturizing! 

Moisturizing - from inside and out. 

 Eat avocado, almonds, and berries. Eat Omega 3 too. All these contain great vitamins and moisturzise your body from inside out! Avocado and almonds both are high in (good) fat that lubricates your body. They're healthy too! Berries are really good for healing and repairing your skin. And Omega 3 is to retain your naturel moisture. Try to eat fruits too, to brighten up your mood on the cold winter days! 

Winter Skincare

I recommend having two moisturizers. One for winter and one for the rest of the year. The one for winter should make up as a barrirer against the cold.

Dry skin/Sensitive skin/Aged skin: Use a moisturizer that focuses only on moisturizing. You can also choose one with antiage benefits. They contain vitamins and garantuee high moist. Use a mild cleanser or cleaninsing milk, pat on your toner (non-perfumic) and lots of moisturizer. Your might need to re-apply during the day if you're outside a lot or sitting by aircondition/heater. I suggest you use moisturizing collagen mask 2-3 times during the week as well. 

Oily skin: You still need to use a moisterizer. Use oil absorbings sheets or pads to remove excess oil. Cleanse your face, wash gels are best for oily/acne skin. Use a toner without perfum. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer in your entire face. Use less whereever you're more oily (cheeks, T-zone, etc.). If you become shiny, use a loose powder to cover it up. 

Combination skin: I have combinated skin as well. I cleanse my face with my normal cleanser, use a toner, and apply a thicker layer to my cheeks, because they tend to be more dry, and a thinner layer in my T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). I reapply moisturizer on my cheeks everytime I go out. 

Normal skin: Be careful with your skin! Moist your entire face, and use a cleansing milk. People with normal skin are very lucky, so take good care of it! 

Lip Care

Instead of using up all your lipbalm try making your own DIY lipscrub to get rid of the dead skincells!
Here's the recipe: 
- organic honey
- sugar
- vaseline
- mixing spoon
- small box/container

Find a small container and pour honey in it. The sugar is supposed to 'scrub'. Pour a little sugar in it, and mix. Lastly put in a tiny bit of vaseline. Mix it with the mixing spoon and voila! You have your own lipscrub that tastes delicious too! And is super quick and affordable. Dip your finger in the lipscrub and move it along your lips and scrub the dead cells off. Now apply your favorite lipbalm and you're good to go! 
My favorite is my EOS Lipbalm, because it moisturizes my lips perfectly. I hate cracked lips! 

I have this quick lip tutorial too! 

This picture is edited. I cut it smaller, and blurred around my mouth, because my mouth area is honestly badlooking. But this is a cute korean lips inspired tutorial! 

1. Moist your lips with your lipbalm. Dap excess balm away with a tissue. 

2. Apply foundation on and around your lips. 

3. Using a lip teint or in my case a rosey-pink/red lipgloss dab it slightly on your lips, close to your teeth. Do NOT apply all over. 

4. With a lighter shimmery lipstick blend the foundation line and lipgloss a little together to make it more naturel. This creates a three-dimensional effect. 

5. Apply a shimmery/glossy lipgloss with a finger. Done! Great for a naturel eye-makeup and perfect for winter. 

Hair Care

Once again the answer is moisturize! At least 2-3 times a week. 
Also, the winter might leave you split ends, so if you don't cut your hair that often, be sure to cut it before and after winter! 

Winter is good for colouring hair, because there is no sun to damage or mis-colour your hair. So dye your roots, your hair, try a new colour! Have some change in winter, and show it off inside. Remember to wear a hat outside though. We don't like being sick! ~ (LOL the pillow in the background!)

(Also, quick reminder. Don't forget to use your eyecream. Eyecare is important! ♥ )

 This is all for now, enjoy the winter and if you celebrate christmas, enjoy as well! I think of doing some korean ulzzang-inspired makeup tutorials and of course a winter/christmas makeup tutorial in on of the next times I blog. 



RougeFlora said...

Love your recipe about lip care <'3 Now I have the secret to get delicious lips ;) :P

Jenny said...

Cute post :3 I'm also madly in love with the gradient lips look eheh^^

floralbb said...

I saw your blogpost, and your lipteint is adorable and awesome! I hope you blog more soon. :) and thank you!

floralbb said...

Awww, haha. :) Thank you ;)