Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HOT Makeup Lipstick & Lipgloss Review


I'm doing a review on a PINK lipstick and lipgloss both from HOT Makeup. 

I love baby pink and pastel pink, and in my opinion glitter belongs on the lips and not the eyes! This lipstick is very powerful pastel pink though, I tone it down and only apply in small amount. But I will show you how it looks fully on the lips, just continue on reading! 

This is the lipstick. It does not seem to have a name, but it's #09. 

On the picture it does seem quite dark compared to real life, it's more bright and colourful!

The lipgloss is a similar colour, and a perfect match. However alone, it's very naturel. There's not a lot of pigment, but a lot of glitter! It's not sticky, and it's actually quite good quality - but you'll have to re-apply after drinking or eating, so bring it with you! 

Left to right: The lipstick, and the lipgloss. 

Excuse the close-up, hahah! ~ This is how the lipstick and lipgloss looks. It's quite heavy and bright even for my pale skin. It fits a sweet gyaru-look, but for everyday I blot away all exces with a tissue paper, and it goes by a naturel but cute-looking pink colour, with glitter! 
(Edit: Blurred around moth. No colour-edit.)

I know this review is super short, I'll be making more reviews soon and possibly a makeup tutorial for both hair and makeup with Qi Yue (Rainie Yang's character in Devil Beside You) 

All for now, thanks for reading! ~

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Quad Review


I'm back with a small review on this amazing eyeshadow from Maybelline! For a long time I've needed an eyeshadow "pallete" with severel brown nuances from light to dark. And this one is perfect! 
I'm a kind of person who is NOT into glitter everywhere, and I prefer matte, or not too glittery/sparkly eyeshadows. But that's just my opineon. There are severel duo and quad eyeshadows with brown nuaces that has lots or less glitter. But this is the perfect amount for me! 

It's called Eyes Studio Quad Eyeshadow and it's from Maybelline, cheap but great! The colours are very pigmented, but are yet to keep you at a naturel everyday-friendly look. I use these colours (sometimes only the 3 lightest of them, it depends whether I feel like having a heavier look) everyday, together with some down-winged eyeliner and some mascara. 

It comes with a great two-sided brush too. On the back of it, it tells you to use the "larger" side (more flat and round) for highlighter, and the "smaller" side (pointed, sharper) for liner. I do not follow that though, do as you want! There's also a mnay 4-step tutorial on the back you can follow for a brown sorta smokey-eye look! 

(Shown in window light- from left to right: light brown-yellowish colour, light caramel colour, bronze/kobber colour, and a dark chocolate colour)

I don't ever leave my house without my small makeup-bag, and I bring this one as well. It saves me  bringing an extra brush because it's already included, but it is quite big and does take a lot of place up in my makeup back. But the colours are awesome! I use the lightest (1) to highlight innercorner and browbone. I use the second (2) all over my lid, and lastly I either use (3) or (4) underneath my eye, as a guideline to my eyeliner. 

All in all, I'll give this 5 out of 5! It's really great! And not pricey at all, and you're able to do several looks with just 4 simple colours! 

Here's the colours: Left to right - 1 to 4
The lightening is quite poor since it's evening. Sorry!

The same, but with flash. Gorgeous colours, right?

This is all for this time. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best Friend OOTD ~

I decided to make my first OOTD's. With my best friend! Adore her cutenes, will ya? ~

(My best friend is the one in the first 4 outfits. Next 4 is me! 



This was just really short, butI'm planning on making OOTD's every week! So stay tuned for my cute everyday-outfits featuring my best friend! ~

Sunday, January 6, 2013

BFF webcam post

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nilens Jord Eyeshadow + brush review


So, it's been both christmas and new years now, and I'm late when it comes to blogging. I'm sorry! Not only have I been very busy, but I got a new PC with windows 8 and seriously... how does it work?Well, I hate it, so if my post looks weird, please tell me, because they look strange on my PC.

Anyways, let's get going, merry christmas and happy new year to everyone! I'm going to review this eyeshadow and brush by the danish brand Nilens Jord. Nilens Jord (translation - kinda: Soil of the Nile, you know, the big river in Egypt) is known for making product without any unnecessary chemicals, and no parfum or parabeens. Sounds awesome right? It's a high quality brand, and it can be pricey, but it's worth it!

This eyeshadow is: Nilens Jord Matt 626 and it's a brown colour perfect for contouring, block-colours, and naturel looks. No shimmer or glitter at all. 

It contains:
Eye shadow
Sponge applicator

I bought this colour and brush for a single purpose only: Contouring. The brush is the perfect nose-contouring brush, and in that case, I don't care if it's for eyeshadows! The matte colour matches my skin perfectly and it naturel. Better than bronzer. But I like the colour on the lid too, it's very naturel and can be used for contouring the entire face. I contour my cheekbones, my chin (for the V-line face!), my nose, and whereever else I'd like to "edit" my face. 

The brush too has perfect shape for everything, but yet again, mainly for nose contouring. Just look at it, it's flawless! It's from the series "Black Diamond", which doesn't have the same nor as many different brushes as the original Nilens Jord-brush collection.

This brush is 124 Nilens Jord Black Diamond Eyeshadow Brush

Perfectly cut, perfect angle! 

In it's charismatic box. 

It says: 'Exclusive brush for eyeshadow from Nilens Jord. The elegant design and shape in combination with the silky soft synthetic hairs make this brush special. Synthetic hairs are especially good withthe eye shadows with a high content of minerals.' 

All in all, I'm really satisfied, even thought this is my first time trying this brand ever. If you're searching for good quality and you're willing to give a little more this is definetly recommended! 

Bye for now!

 Upcoming reviews: 
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