Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HOT Makeup Lipstick & Lipgloss Review


I'm doing a review on a PINK lipstick and lipgloss both from HOT Makeup. 

I love baby pink and pastel pink, and in my opinion glitter belongs on the lips and not the eyes! This lipstick is very powerful pastel pink though, I tone it down and only apply in small amount. But I will show you how it looks fully on the lips, just continue on reading! 

This is the lipstick. It does not seem to have a name, but it's #09. 

On the picture it does seem quite dark compared to real life, it's more bright and colourful!

The lipgloss is a similar colour, and a perfect match. However alone, it's very naturel. There's not a lot of pigment, but a lot of glitter! It's not sticky, and it's actually quite good quality - but you'll have to re-apply after drinking or eating, so bring it with you! 

Left to right: The lipstick, and the lipgloss. 

Excuse the close-up, hahah! ~ This is how the lipstick and lipgloss looks. It's quite heavy and bright even for my pale skin. It fits a sweet gyaru-look, but for everyday I blot away all exces with a tissue paper, and it goes by a naturel but cute-looking pink colour, with glitter! 
(Edit: Blurred around moth. No colour-edit.)

I know this review is super short, I'll be making more reviews soon and possibly a makeup tutorial for both hair and makeup with Qi Yue (Rainie Yang's character in Devil Beside You) 

All for now, thanks for reading! ~


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