Friday, February 1, 2013

Essie Nailpolish Review

Sorry for being inactive for so long, I've been busy (playing sims *cough* *cough*) 
I'm back with a small Essie-nailpolish review! I'm reviewing both the pink one and the "grow stronger", but this entry will be meant for "grow stronger". I'm a huuuuge fan of Essie's nailpolish, they're all the perfect flawless colours! 
For my lazyness recently, I've started on a new this february. I am going to fitness and I do my skincare (or try to) every single day, no matter how much lack of sleep I've gotten! But I sure look tired now... 

Anyways, here are my two recent buys, the Essie "Need a Vacation", which is this super quite strawberrymilk colour, and this "Grow Stronger" Essie polish. It has no colour, but is meant to strenghten weak nails, like mine! 

 First I removed my nailpolish, put on handcream, and cut my nails short. My nails can't get more than a few milimetres long before they break off or get ugly. My nails are and have always been very ugly and fragile, and now that I'm working it's even worse. They floss very easy, and my thumbs are the worst, hence I don't want to upload a picture of them. I can not grow them long at all, and they seem to be in several "layers" of nail. 

So I was hoping I could find my saviour here!
It works as a basecoat as well. It says that in just 5 days your nails should appear and grow out stronger. Seems good to me! ~
I've worn it for 2 weeks now, and I have had nailpolish above it. (Apply as a basecoat, let it dry, and apply a coloured polish). It works alright I guess. I feel my nails are still very fragile, but they look prettier. They can't grow very long, but that's probably just a fact I have to look in the eyes. Poor me, I think it's super feminine when girls have long and healthy nails! 

Essie is semi-pricey for a nailpolish, but you do get a good amount of product. I now own 7 Essie-nailpolishes, and I love them! They're about 18dollars for one polish. 

All in all, I'm satisfied, recommended for weak nails! But I don't think my nails grow a lot longer though. But at least they are healthier! Hope you enjoy my thoughts on this product.

Bye for now, see you soon hopefully! ~