Friday, July 26, 2013

Makeup Transformations; Pin-up

Hi! I'm finally back!

I got my lovely camera. I'll excuse for the pictures, I am still learning how to deal with the new camera >_<
But as promised I will now do the 'transformations' or rather the different makeup-looks that I promised back in this post. The first is our lovely pin-up! 

Let's start from the base: which is no makeup at all. We always start out 'painting our canvas' with a cleansed and moisturised face. I know I look like a horror movie without makeup, but isn't that what makeup is for after all? Let's get started! Oh yeah, and excuse the facial expression, the eyebags, pimples and hair! Hu-hu!
Let's first see how the typical pin-up girls' makeup is like (a few examples from google, credit to their owners)

I wanted to make a look inspired by these girls' makeup, but with my own creativity. 

The pin-up girls were that times' sexy chicks! They were gorgeous, curvy and super sexy. They wore different types of makeup, but some statements would go again and again, such as the cat-eye/winged eyeliner or a slightly smokey eye and of course big, sexy, RED lips! Their faces were clean and youthful and their brows arched and full. Often with curly hair and showing some skin (but you don't have to do that!). 

Alright, zero makeup!

Here's with the base makeup: Primer, foundation, concealer, eyebrows, blush and contouring. I made my brows quite thick and more arched than naturelly. I contoured my nose slimmer, my cheeks and chin, and applied an orange blush on my cheeks. 

Here's the eyeliner done, without mascara. I made a very sharp wing, which was kind of toughto get even because you I have an annoying scar at the corner of my eye (you can see it on the photo as well)

As a 'twist' I lined my lower lashline with a dark purple colour, and kept my eyeshadow naturel because of the obvious eyeliner. On this photo everything but the lips is done. 

Time for the finished result! Bright red lips, winged eyeliner and 'naturel' hair. Oh, and my boyfriends' T-shirt hahah ~

That's it for this time. Hope you enjoy, next week (or soon as possible rather) I will make the ulzzang-look! Have fun! ~~