Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thailand Blackhead Carbon Mask Review

Hi guys!

I wanted to do the ulzzang-transformation buuuuuut I have a huge (and I mean HUGE) problem with my mouth area right now. Not only is it filled with bacteria-filled pimples, I also have lip herpes (No, it's not an std. I've had lip-herpes since I was six). So I am in treatment for that, but it looks awful, so I'm pushing the look untill I look 'normal' again. Thanks for the patience! Meanwhile, I will do a review (pictures are taken before lipherpes) on this really awesome blackhead mask!

I bought this really small mask on ebay for about 5$ which really isn't expensive! The item is from Thailand but was shipped surprisingly fast so yay! I am hoping I can find the same in a bigger size, because so far this is actually the best pore-mask I've been able to find! It's so effective, but sadly so small. 

Now, we all hate pores and black heads don't we? I know I do, a lot! I used to buy these nose-pads, but I find masks easier because who says you only have blackheads on your nose? As for me, I have them on my nose, forehead and some on my cheeks. And with a mask you can easily apply and remove blackheads exactly where you want to! 

I apologize for the unsharp pictures, I am still learning how to use my camera.

Ignore my ugly no makeup face hahah ~
It looks so strange, like a skeleton, so don't go on a date with your bf with this mask! It's just for home and for hiding! Haha ~

It's a lovely peel-off mask. After 15-20 minutes the mask is dry, you can peel it off gently by the edges. If there's leftovers just rinse with water.When you peel off you can see your black and whiteheads getting pulled out with the dirty mask! Just trash the dirty piece and your nose is clean and nice, almost like new! (wtf?) 

Hoping my lip herpes will recover soon so I can continue the different tutorials. Untill then, enjoy the review!